Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why I chose Mac

"I enjoy using OS X every day. It is simple, intuitive to use, and nice to look at. I think it helps me think clearly. By contrast, I find that Windows (xp) is just kind of a drag..."

That is a quote from alball on the irhino3d.com forums. It pretty much explains why I, and many many others, have chosen the Mac platform. I find the OS to be very inspiring to use. It makes me want to learn how things are done and how to make things. I use windows at work and it is a drag.

The year leading up to my first year in college, I was contemplating what kind of computer I should buy. No one else around had a mac. The architecture school at Louisiana Tech's computer policy did not support Mac. I wanted one, but it was impractical. Then I heard about the glorious boot camp. That was the deciding factor. In the past year that I've had my computer, I've learned more about computers than the five or six years I used windows prior. It inspires me to do awesome things because the environment harbors that creativity and learning.

The Rhino team is starting to build a version for Mac OSX. Yes. I do have Rhino on Windows through Bootcamp, but I'm looking forward to the day that I can run it where an application like that should be run.

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Anonymous said...

I am a 3D software developer I am always amused when I hear this argument for the Mac.

Yes I agree Apple OS is excellent - truly better than Windows - but you do realise that innovation, the really exciting cutting edge of development is happening in the small development houses, that is where new ideas particularly in 3D are born not in large multinationals.

The commercial reality is that small companies can only afford to develop for one platform and we choose the one with the largest user base for obvious reasons so what you gain in "inspiration" is lost on the fact that you can only expose yourself to developments when they are very mature and companies can afford to develop for the Mac as well, your example of Rhino is exactly what I mean.

Apple users are destined to wait for years to experience what is new and leading the way in 3D and that is far more inspirational than a "pretty" os however pretty it might be.